Preferred Customer Memberships are intended for those of you who want the lowest possible prices on the best lubrication and filtration products for all your vehicles and equipment.

There are two cost levels for preferred customer membership. 

$10.00 pays for a six-month membership which gives you the opportunity to experience the benefits of Amsoil and then decide on renewing with a annual membership see pricing below.

$20.00 pays for a full-year membership and can be re-purchased every year.

 Simply the best way to  buy Amsoil products at the same price as dealers pay, which is discounted 20-25% less than retail.

Preferred Customers will also receive an information kit on AMSOIL products and the monthly AMSOIL product, racing and application magazine the AMSOIL Magazine all at no additional charge, so why not enjoy the same purchasing power as an Amsoil dealer?

Remember if you’re the Preferred Customer helping your friends buy Amsoil products with your membership ZO # you can change your membership status to an AMSOIL Dealership at any time.

Product knowledge matters to us so if you’re buying for personal use or commercial applications don’t hesitate to contact Case Oil 858-621-3201 and press 1 for sales or find the correct products by checking these links 

click on the upper right hand (Preferred customer link) to purchase a 6-month or 1-year Membership with your order, seeing the wholesale pricing while shopping or buy the membership at the end of your shopping to lower the amount at checkout.

The discount price is 20-25% less than regular retail prices 
Amsoil offers wholesale pricing
  • My AMSOIL Garage is a free service 
  • Use to find product recommendations
  • Keep track of all equipment custom or not